Zbrus increases immunity

Zabrush, these are special hats of honey, which bees use to fill honey. During sealing, bees use a special substance, which includes wax, propolis, and pollen. Zabrus is very useful and therapeutic properties, as for example, lysozyme, which is much more than in the honey, it should be recalled that lysozyme, a special enzyme, so[…]

Day of the beekeeper

On the occasion of the Beekeepers Day, we sincerely congratulate you on the holiday. Have a bright star in your life, let the hardships and troubles not stand in your way, and optimism and inspiration are enough for good deeds. Let your life be rich fortune, goodness, and the fate of a luminous colorful gun[…]

Organic food

Now it is very difficult to find environmentally friendly products in the market, in which there would be no various additives, nitrates, dyes, which adversely affect human health, affect the internal organs, and a healthy appearance. The safest products are those grown on their plots, without various chemicals and nitrates. But such products are still[…]